100 Club

Supporting people with learning
disabilities to lead fulfilled lives
100 Club

The EJF 100 club was set up 6 years ago and features a monthly independent draw for its members.
The winner receives a cheque for £100 and during its time there have  been 96 lucky winners! The odds are far better than the lottery, why not join up today?
It is only £60 per annum or £5 per month via direct debit.

Congratulations to the following winners!

April 2014 – Will Dent
May 2014 – Chris Greatbatch 
June 2014 – Mick Roberts 
July 2014 – Jenny Tipper 
August 2014 – Harriet Roberts 
September 2014 – Claire Wulff 
October 2014 – David Isaacs 
November 2014 – Chris Greatbatch 
December 2014 – Sue Long 
January 2015 – Karen Andrews 
February 2015 – Kate Jeffries 
March 2015 – Louise Wakeford 
April 2015 – Julie Reynolds

Want to join the 100 club?

The Emily Jordan Foundation 100 club offers members the opportunity to have a chance of winning £100 in our monthly prize draw.

The concept is simple:

  • For as little as £5 per month participants are allocated a number between 1-100

  • Each month a draw is held and the participant who holds the winning number will receive a cash prize of £100

  • Only allocated numbers will be included in the draw each month

  • Numbers which have not been paid for that month will not be included in that draw

  • Members are not restricted to one number and can purchase more if desired, thereby increasing their chance of winning

  • Every month the winning number will be posted on this page

  • To become a member of the 100 club, please complete the application form below and return it to the address below and we will contact you to discuss payment.

  • Subsequent draws will be made on the last Friday of each calendar month.· Numbers will only be included in the draw if we have received payment for that month.

  •  The winning member will receive a cheque for £100.

Contact Us

Download the application form below.

Restrictions: Numbers cannot be sold to children under 16.
Trustees of The Emily Jordan Foundation may not become a participant of the club.
The Emily Jordan Foundation would like to thank you all for your support in helping individuals with disabilities to lead fulfilled lives.