The Emily Jordan Foundation Cycle Club

Supporting people with learning
disabilities to lead fulfilled lives
The Cycle Club

The EJF Cycle Club started on the 21st June 2017, the purpose being 

to teach our trainees to ride safely, improve their skills and confidence.

But most importantly we teach our trainees to have fun.


To see how our first session went, click here.

The Purpose

To run a series of Cycle sessions on a closed road circuit under the guidance of a British Cycling certified coach, to support individuals with learning and physical disabilities to learn how to ride cycles and/or improve their riding ability.

Ability Range

Relatively low skill, maybe with balance challenges.

Risk Management

Risk assessments will be undertaken by a Manager of the EJF and the Lead Volunteer who runs the session. The track will be checked and the bikes used will be road worthy.

The ratio of staff or volunteers to trainees will be 1 non-disabled person to 5 disabled persons, as a minimum.


The series will run as 8 weekly sessions.
  Each session will be broken down into 15-minute blocks with those attending split into groups, to ensure everyone is actively involved throughout each session.


We intend to have 10 riders per session.

1 Person qualified in first aid.

1 person as a qualified cycle coach or an experienced cyclist, who will follow the session plan.


Improvements are anticipated to be:- to learn and develop new skills, improvement in physical health, improvement in social skills, confidence and independence. Having fun and better general well-being.


These will be in the form of certificates, mementos, mini-cups, shields etc.

Join Us

For the last few months we have been running a Cycle Club on Wednesday evenings at the nearby Stourport Sports Club.  It has been a great success.  


Now is the time to roll it out to families, friends and carers of the trainees at the Emily Jordan Foundation.

- Sessions will run on Wednesday Evenings at Stourport Sports Club from 5pm to 6pm.

- We welcome a donation of £3 per person per session.

- Sessions will run for the next 8 weeks.

If you'd like to join, 
please call:
01562 861154

Contact Us

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