Supported Volunteers build bikes assisted by Lead Volunteers under the leadership of Levon Pegg

Further success of The Emily Jordan Foundation Reaching Out project, which is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, (formal known as the Big Lottery Fund) was seen in February when Four Supported Volunteers recently completed re-building four bikes. A presentation ceremony was held to mark the occasion. These bikes started their life at Spokes as donated old bikes. They arrived in various conditions. Under the leadership and guidance of Levon Pegg, the service manager and the team of mechanics at Spokes and with the support of Lead Volunteers, who are also part of the Reaching Out project, the volunteers were taught the processes of recycling bikes: from dismantling, selecting th

February - New Volunteers Start at Spokes

We have another new supported volunteer start following the taster last month; she told us, “ I already she feel comfortable and people are so nice.” She wants to learn to build bikes which and is starts off with dismantling older bikes and cleaning them. Andrew carried out a survey with volunteers to check what works well and what could be Improved. Feedback has been great with good suggestions and comment. More next month

January - Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic

A fantastic month for new people joining us, we had two lead volunteers, Gill and Ann and one Supported Volunteer . They are settling in quickly. There were 4 people who joined for taster days with an opportunity to build a bike; there is real indications that they would like to sign up as Supported Volunteers. One of our fantastic volunteers, John has had to take a break due for an operation, we hope to see him back in a few months time. As shown in other parts of the Emily Jordan Foundation website we have a new project called Pots. This is also open to Volunteers to offer their time and skills and to gain amazing learning. When the kiln is on, it’s the cosiest place to be!

December - Project on Track and Thank You to Vincent

A short month due to Christmas, however plenty to do at the Foundation with Lead Volunteers continuing working with the Supported Volunteers/Trainees in small groups and in some cases 1:1. Our Lead Volunteers not only support by offering learning in building bikes, growing plants and assembling wooden items, they also help them in building self confidence in everyday situations. A lot of this happens through conversation they have while working along side them. This month the talk has been about the lead up to Christmas, talking about shopping, talking about parties, talking about relationships and visiting families and friends. We had a great opportunity to show what we are doing in the p

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