The Emily Jordan Foundation Started A Cycle Club

Started on the 21st June for 8 weeks as a pilot. For more information on The Emily Jordan Foundation Cycle Club, click here.

Week 1 - 8 trainees joined us and by week 3 we had 15.

(Trainees are people with learning disabilities who attend our services)

Being taught to ride safely, improve their skills and confidence and most importantly to have fun.

Week 1 – basic introduction cycle fun and to determine the trainees ability

Week 2 - Identifying personal goals

Week 3 - Starting Off


Changing gears

Week 4 - group tuition

The whole group learned how to look over their shoulder. Ian led a series of games where he placed number as the cyclist passed and they had to shout of the number they saw.

- Photo above shows everyone learning to cycle in a line.

Improving balance – cycling alongside one another, releasing one hand of the handlebars and holding hands with a partner.

Control- to cycle in a line at the same pace as each other.

Changes moving up and down the track – the front rider peels off and moves to the back of the pack.

In summary – We had great fun, laughs and exercise all within the hour. We have a buzz in the building. Personal goals are being achieved!

All under the expert supervision and coaching Ian Baggott and Konrad Nofer. Thank you to all our volunteers, including staff who attend in their own time

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