March 2017 – First Supported Volunteer starts:

The approach used at the Foundation is to match the skill set and/or their aspirations of the volunteers to the services offered i.e. what they expect to get out of volunteering to the needs of the organisation or the needs of the supported volunteer. People are recruited to undertake specific roles as this makes the experience more fulfilling.

The first supported volunteer started this month and has been matched to Spokes to learn the process of dismantling and re-building bikes. A little un-confident to begin with, but after a few weeks he has settled in well. “The people here are lovely, they take their time with me; I think I’m going to like it here” and “I love working with Vicky, she really seems to care”

Three new Lead volunteers also started this month. The Foundation has a process of interviewing, following up references and obtaining DBS checks to ensure safer recruitment processes are met.

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