Meeting the agencies who will assist with new referrals:

Andrew described his role, as “this is definitely not a desk job”, contact was made with key organisations with whom people with disabilities may have regular contact with.

Perseverance and his experience of networking paid dividends and strong relationship were formed with the Job Centre (thanks Steve), the WCC Community Learning Disability Team, NHS Re-enablement team (they are so committed), WCC Connect (the biscuits are lovely), Wyre Forest District Council (great work Dale).

The initial task this month was to recruit Lead Volunteers to help support those who will benefit from the project. More visits and promotional work was shared Bewdley Rotary Club, the local Horticultural Society and local businesses.

Banners and flyers were designed and distributed to promote the benefits of the project.

Our First Lead Volunteer, Vicky, was recruited to work within Spokes. We are out of the ‘starting blocks’.

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