Supported Volunteers build bikes assisted by Lead Volunteers under the leadership of Levon Pegg

Further success of The Emily Jordan Foundation Reaching Out project, which is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, (formal known as the Big Lottery Fund) was seen in February when Four Supported Volunteers recently completed re-building four bikes. A presentation ceremony was held to mark the occasion.

These bikes started their life at Spokes as donated old bikes. They arrived in various conditions. Under the leadership and guidance of Levon Pegg, the service manager and the team of mechanics at Spokes and with the support of Lead Volunteers, who are also part of the Reaching Out project, the volunteers were taught the processes of recycling bikes: from dismantling, selecting the still useful components, through cleaning and assembling using the useful components and parts donated from other old bikes, good quality bikes were built by the Supported Volunteers with assistance and enthusiasm from the Lead Volunteers.

Generously, Bewdley Round Table bought the bikes and donated them to these Supported Volunteers along with helmets and Bike padlocks for there own use.

The Supported Volunteers intend to continue their ‘becoming more work ready’ learning, which is one of the main aims of the Reaching Out project and The Emily Jordan Foundation. The next objective is for each person to learn to re-cycle and build bikes more independently with less direct help. A further stage will be the Supported Volunteers to gain accreditation and a formal bike building qualification within the Reaching Out project.

The Supported Volunteers all agreed that with these bikes they will be less reliant on public transport or lifts from others. They are rightly proud of themselves.

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