The Showroom at Spokes is open

Spokes have a new showroom for customers to peruse an array of bikes and accessories we have available for sale.

Service Manager of Spokes Levon Pegg and his team have worked hard to create the space which beautifully showcases the work our staff, trainees and volunteers do within the Spokes project.

There is a mixture of children’s bikes and adult road, mountain and hybrid bikes all clearly displayed for customers to see the stock we have available. The bikes are all refurbished and serviced to a high standard and approved by a Qualified Bike Technician ready for sale.

The design of The Showroom was assisted and inspired by Richie Styles, a Spokes Trainee.

Upon learning that Spokes would be transforming a designated space into a showroom area, Richie took a keen interest.

Levon Pegg said, “I was so impressed with Richie. He spent an evening using his free time to consider the space and draw a layout for The Showroom. The following morning he brought his sketch into Spokes to show me and I was blown away with his enthusiasm and that he independently took the initiative to come up with a plan. I immediately asked him to be my right hand man with organising the bikes and accessories.”

Richie’s original sketch will be framed and proudly displayed on the wall in The Showroom in honour of his hard work and involvement.

Customers looking to purchase a bike or bike accessories are required to book an appointment in line with our COVID-19 guidelines. Any bikes a customer would like to try will be brought to the front of the building by a member of staff where the customer is encouraged to test it for comfort and fit.

If a suitable bike is not available, our team will be able to recommend suggestions and may be able to build a bike, to be collected another day.

Please call Spokes on 01562 861154 to arrange an appointment.

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