Our Projects

Supporting people with learning
disabilities to lead fulfilled lives

The primary aim of Spokes CIC is to help individual people with learning disabilities to be able to find employment and remain in it, in the future.


So many of them have been told, all of their lives, that they can't achieve anything. 
It is not surprising that they start to believe this!


But they can achieve a lot.


Twigs was established in 2013 to provide further opportunities for Trainees to get involved in Horticulture. Every opportunity is given for Trainees to get involved to their own ability level. This may be planning, potting up, and serving customers who come to purchase products from the greenhouses at Brinton Park.

Wood Works

Wood-Works operates from the corner of Brinton Park, sharing our Twigs site. This works well as the wooden products compliment out horticultural products. We sell hanging baskets and wooden plant pots as complete units. We provide both high quality training opportunities to trainees and have a good service to the general public.

Go Green

Go Green offers day opportunities to people with more complex needs providing a good quality meaningful activity, the trainees engage in all aspects of recycling from collections, sorting crushing and being involved at the weighing in at the recycle centre.


Pots will give you the opportunity to make a variety of ceramic items such as flowers, pots etc. You will be supported to work through the various stages of pottery making.