At the Emily Jordan Foundation we consciously make ethical choices that promote environmental benefits and sustainability throughout all of our projects.


Where possible, we re-use, restore or recycle materials and physical resources that have led to a significant contribution in recycling; reducing waste to landfill and we uphold environmentally friendly practices.


How we Make a Difference


•   At Go Green, we accept aluminium and steel drink cans, plastic bottles and batteries from local organisations, clubs, businesses and residents that our Trainees collect, sort and crush ready for recycling.


•   In our horticulture project Twigs, we’ve made changes to use peat-free compost to plant our seeds and use water from an aquifer rather than a mains water supply. Our plants, flowers and vegetables are grown with minimal energy input meaning we grow with the seasons and use the heat of the sun through a greenhouse rather than with the addition of a heating system to assist the process. Our use of plastics is also minimal.


•   Over the years, Spokes has saved tonnes of metals from entering landfill mainly through bicycle renovation and servicing. Some donations we receive cannot be repaired or refurbished for sale, where as others may simply need some parts replacing. The elements that are no longer fit for purpose are stripped, sorted by material and then recycled.


•   Recently, Twigs has expanded its offering and has received donations of some much used garden tools which our Trainee’s salvage and restore ready to re-sell, saving them from being deposited at landfill. 


•   We also make use of reclaimed wood to manufacture bespoke wooden garden products in our WoodWorks project, such as log stores, bird boxes and planters.

Sustainability Achievements


We have saved 16,254 bikes from going to landfill since 2014.


Over 22,000kg of aluminium has been recycled, the equivalent of two double decker buses.


Over 13 tonnes of steel, 2.5 tonnes of foil and over 9,000kg of plastic has all been saved from landfill and instead have been recycled. Our totals are still rising.


We also collect batteries for safe disposal and recycling and have also collected 22,755 pairs of spectacles for recycling.

How to get Involved




Donations of unwanted bike are gratefully received for refurbishment. You can bring your bike to us at Unit 9, Finepoint Way, Kidderminster, DY11 7FB or we have designated collection points at local household waste sites.Please look for the Spokes sign at the following Recycling Centre’s - Kidderminster, Stourport, Worcester and Malvern.

To donate garden tools to Twigs, please bring them to Brinton Park, Sutton Road entrance, Kidderminster, DY11 7QN. 




Local businesses and organisations can help to offset their carbon footprint, improve their sustainability and social responsibility by hosting recycling bins for cans, plastics and batteries.

We have created wonderful partnerships with some local hospitality venues such as cafe’s and pubs who organise their recycling for us to collect. If you would to get involved, please get in touch.



Volunteer With us


Community cohesion is important to us and we always welcome your support. You can volunteer with us in many different ways, click here to find out more.